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Laser skin rejuvenation is an advanced technology that is used to treat a number of skin concerns, mainly the signs of ageing, pigmentation and redness. It is an effective treatment that produces a noticeable, and sometimes dramatic, improvement in the texture, tone and tightness of the skin. The laser works by breaking down a targeted component within the skin layers, such as melanin in pigment and freckles, haemoglobin in areas of redness, rosacea and increased vascularity, or water to stimulate the production of collagen and improve the appearance and firmness of the skin.


As well as skin rejuvenation, medical lasers can be used to remove moles, pre-cancerous skin lesions, and birth marks, and reduce the appearance of acne, surgical and traumatic scars. Laser can also be used to improve vaginal function, to reduce snoring, and is a non-surgical liposuction option.


Improvement in skin appearance varies depending on the type of laser used as well as the intensity of the treatment. The higher intensity laser treatments usually produce dramatic results from a single treatment, whereas the low to medium intensity treatments require several or regular treatments to achieve a moderate to marked improvement in the skin’s tone and texture. Downtime following a laser treatment is also dependant on the type and intensity of the treatment. Immediate side-effects may range from sunburn-like redness that resolves after several days, to areas of exposed dermis that can take two to four weeks to heal fully. With good aftercare and consistent sun protection following a laser skin rejuvenation treatment, permanent side-effects are minimal.

Laser Hair Removal

Unlike waxing, shaving and depilatory creams, which are all temporary hair removal techniques and require very regular maintenance, laser hair removal treatments permanently damage the hair follicle (area of hair formation) preventing regrowth of the hair.

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Ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing

Excellent for hyperpigmentation, sun damage, coarse or thickened skin tone, acne scars and other scarring, line and wrinkles, as well as skin laxity, ablative skin resurfacing is considered the top treatment for repairing aging skin.

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Fractionated Laser Skin Resurfacing

Fractionated laser treatment is a type of ablative skin resurfacing, where only a fraction, hence the name, of the skin in the treatment area is ablated. By only affecting a portion of the skin, there is less downtime and quicker healing than with full field skin ablation.

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Benign Mole Removal

Moles are a type of pigmented growth on the skin that generally appear in childhood or adolescence. They are usually benign or harmless, however they may randomly become cancerous.

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Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

A disturbance in the vaginal health of a woman can affect intimacy and sexual intercourse, causing itching and irritation, dryness as well as urinary incontinence.

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Snoring Treatment

Snoring has an adverse effect on the health of the snorer as well as disturbing everyone who is within earshot of them. While the snorer won’t often know that they snore or how loud it is, they will generally experience fatigue, lack of concentration, and require daytime naps.

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Laser Liposuction

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